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Editoriaux roundup

14 décembre 2013 1 commentaire

Samaria (Photo credit: ArkanGL)

The legal case for Judea and Samaria
For years, the world has regarded Judea and Samaria as Palestinian territory illegally occupied by Israel • But now a group of hundreds of jurists from Israel and abroad is fighting back in the battle for the historical and legal truth.

Arab-Israeli Conflict: The Neo-Mandate Solution
If the current Obama-Kerry plan for an Israel-Palestinian deal is implemented, scores of Americans would likely die.

The Palestinian Refugees: a Reality Check
Before the 1948/9 War, 800,000 Arabs (per inflated numbers) resided within the boundaries of “pre-1967 Israel”. At the end of that war, 170,000 Arabs stayed in Israel.  Of the remaining 630,000 Arabs, 100,000 were absorbed by Israel’s family reunification gesture; 100,000 middle and upper class Arabs left before the beginning of the 1948-49 war and were absorbed by neighboring Arab states; 50,000 migrant laborers returned to their Arab countries of origin; 50,000 Bedouins joined their brethren-tribes in Jordan and Sinai; and 10,000 were war fatalities. Thus, the actual total number of Palestinian refugees was 320,000.


Le Mali et Gaza

4 février 2013 Laisser un commentaire

En réponse à un commentaire d’un internaute sur l’article de American Thinker « Mali reveals the media Gaza’s bias »

A difference might be that what happens in Israel could affect the entire region and thus energy prices, while at least for now, Mali doesn’t affect America in any measurable way.

J’ai répondu :

Gaza, Judea and Samaria have no soil ressources, no pipelines, no ship canal. Only 1.4% of arabs and 0.2% of muslims in the world live there.

How can it affect « the entire region » ? because most muslim leaders use it as a scapegoat and a way to hide their own failures.


26 juillet 2012 2 commentaires
There will be no two-state solution. The world must accept that we won’t budge, and learn to live with the status quo.
Lire la suite de l’article de Dani Dayan, chairman du Conseil des communautés juives de Judée-Samarie.