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Interview de personnalités pro-annexation de la Judée-Samarie

Yehouda Shenav

Yehouda Shenhav

Extrait extraordinaire de cet interview de Yehouda Shenhav faite par Haaretz datant de 2010 mais toujours d’actualité :

In my book I quote Uri Elitzur, who says, ‘You [the left] expelled the Palestinians in 1948, did not allow them back, established settlements on all their villages and afterward built the separation fence, and then you come to us with complaints, even though we have not destroyed even one village in the West Bank – not even one – to build a settlement. The 1967 paradigm is intended to make it possible for the left to live in Tel Aviv and feel good about itself […]

Le début de l’interview concerne un certain Moshe Arens :

The speaker is from the Betar movement, a former top leader in Likud and political patron of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a former defense and foreign affairs minister – Moshe Arens.

Attention, cet article peut vous faire changer radicalement d’avis sur le sujet !