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Témoignage de Nira Lee, agent de liaison dans l’armée pendant la guerre contre le Hamas

28 novembre 2012 Laisser un commentaire

In my position, I see the surgical airstrikes, and spend many hours with the UN, ICRC, and NGO officers reviewing maps to help identify, and avoid, striking civilian sites. One of our pilots who saw a rocket aimed at Israel aborted his mission when he saw children nearby — putting his own civilians at risk to save Gazans. At the end of the day, what these « disproportionate numbers » show is how we in Israel protect our children with elaborate shelters and missile defense systems, whereas the terror groups in Gaza hide behind theirs, using them as human shields in order to win a cynical media war.

Loin des clichés occidentaux et des dessins antisémites de la presse arabophone.