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Les gazaouis dansent devant le sang de Boston

Shortly after the bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon, the Arabs of Gaza danced in the streets, handing out candies to passersby, Israel News Agency reported.

Totalement cohérent avec les danses dans les rues arabes le 11 septembre 2001.


Les liens du dimanche

20 janvier 2013 Laisser un commentaire

Intellectual savages ? By GIULIO MEOTTI

Benighted humanists in Israel and in the West believe that Hamas’s terrorists are brainwashed, poor or illiterate, when in fact the best minds of Palestinian society are at the top of Islamic terrorism.

12 killed in airstrike on Palestinian Arab camp – and no one reports it Posted by Elder of Ziyon @Elder of Zyion

Good luck finding any major Western media reporting this. The value of Palestinian Arab lives is directly proportional to the involvement of Jews in their deaths.

Jordanian columnist uses « The Onion » as his news source Posted by Elder of Ziyon @Elder of Ziyon

When your entire mind is already filled with hate, there leaves little room for thinking.

Only 0.6% of world’s Christians live in Middle East By HAVIV RETTIG GUR @Times of Israel

Pew study finds fewer than 13 million Christians, out of 2.2 billion adherents worldwide, still in the region where faith was born

Bonne lecture !